• Log #3 has been assigned in WelNet
  • Log #2 has been graded and are in the gradebook. Log #2 is now closed.

This Week for PE:

  • You must log in at least 150 minutes (2 hours 30 min.) of activity for the week. You have from Monday-Sunday to do your activities/exercises/workouts and to record them in WelNet. The previous week’s log closes Sunday night.
  • All of your activities and the time you spend on them count…inside, outside, easy, difficult…it’s up to you, but try to vary your effort and intensity!
  • Check out the PE resources for ideas on Connect.
  • Optional 30 minute Zoom with Mrs. Winegar. **This meeting can count toward your minutes.
    • Monday: Period 2 at 1:00-1:30
    • Wednesday: Periods 3-6 at 1:00-1:30

**Links will be sent via email in the morning of your Zoom Day!

Tips For Getting Full Credit on your Weekly Log:

  • Fill in your WelNet Activity Log with at LEAST 150 minutes (2 hours 30 min.) of activity for the week.
  • Type WHAT ACTIVITY you did in the DESCRIPTION box at the bottom left of your screen.
  • Make sure you have completed your activities and your log by Sunday night.


  1. ISD Maywood PE YouTube
  2. Go to our Online Stopwatch here - Have someone time you doing our PLANK TEST! Remember, hands and arms apart, palms flat, karate, or upside down, hips and shoulders must stay in a straight line, and keep your feet still.  How long can youstay up?  Log it and put your time in the DESCRIPTION BOX!
  3. Here are some links to videos that I’ve done that are easy and fun!
    *Quick 10-ish minute walk with Jessica & Peanut the Frenchie!  Easy to follow, good alternatives for added intensity!  Add some core work afterwards (plank, v-ups, etc) to get up to your minutes for the day. 
      *15 minute, easy to follow, Kickboxing video with Jessica and Sensei Gomez.  Make sure you have enough room to kick and punch safely! 
      *30 minute yoga with Kassandra : good beginning yoga, slow moving, full of stretches to get your morning started! 
  4. Check Connect PE Files/Attachments for some Fitness Day Games we do in PE that you can do. DICE WAR and WHEEL OF FORTUNE!!
    • Get a sibling, parent, or friend (do the workout outside and keep 6 feet away from each other!), put on some music, and have fun!

Good job and thank you to all of you who have been filling in your logs and doing your activities. Thank you to those who were able to Zoom last week. It was wonderful to see you!

Mrs. Winegar is available for you!

  • Email me anytime with questions or even ideas you want to share!
  • Check out our Instagram @maywoodpe
  • Remember to read Blog and your Email every Monday!

Have a GREAT WEEK!!!