I hope you are enjoying this weather and getting outside for your activities!

  • Log #4 has been assigned in WelNet
  • Logs 1-3 are graded in Skyward. **Remember Logs close on Sunday Night, after that, it's too late!  Plan Ahead!

Regular Reminders for This Week in  PE:

  • Log at LEAST 150 minutes/2.5 hours of Activity for the Week. 
  • The majority of your activity must be in LEVELS  3, 4, or 5, but you get to choose what you do. 
  • Optional 30 minute Zoom with Mrs. Winegar. **This meeting can count toward your minutes, so add it to your log if you join the Zoom.
    • Monday: Period 2 at 1:00-1:30
    • Wednesday: Periods 3-6 at 1:00-1:30

**Links will be sent via email in the morning of your Zoom Day!


Try one or BOTH of these PE Favorites! 


  • Have someone time you and monitor your PLANK form.  See how long you can hold the perfect form plank with only 1 form break (hips too high or hips too low, hands not apart, feet moving too much).  You are allowed to go past the 3:00 minute maximum this week!  Put your time in the DESCRIPTION box on your log for the day! 
  •  Go to our Online Stopwatch here 


  • Set up your OWN 20 meter PACER test!  Measure 20 meters the best you can, somewhere that is safe for you to run.  Mark two spots that are 20 meters apart.  Use the YouTube version of the pacer music, and run for as long as possible!  Write your score in the DESCRIPTION box of your log for that day!
            *Official FitnessGram Pacer music
            *Current/Hip Hop Pacer mix music

Tips For Getting Full Credit  5/5 on your Weekly Log:

  • Fill in your WelNet Activity Log with at LEAST 150 minutes (2 hours 30 min.) of activity for the week and the majority of your activity must be in Level 3, 4, or 5.
  • Type WHAT ACTIVITY you did in the DESCRIPTION box at the bottom left of your screen. 
    • Under 2 hours =3 points
    • 2 hours, but under 2.5=4 points
  • Make sure you have completed your activities and your log by Sunday night.


  1. YOUTUBE: ISD Maywood PE YouTube
  2.  Connect PE Files/Attachments for some Fitness Day Games

I'm available for you!

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Have a GREAT WEEK!!!