It's June!!!!!  We have THREE more weeks together! Let's stay movin' and groovin'!!!

LOG #7 has been assigned and LOG #6 has been graded. 


There will be NO ZOOM MEETINGS THIS WEEK. We will RESUME our ZOOM next Monday for Period 2 and next Wednesday for Periods 3-6.


Do AT LEAST 150 minutes or 2.5 hours of varied exercise and activity for the week....LOG IT IN YOUR WelNet LOG and BE SURE TO INCLUDE a DESCRIPTION/DETAIL for your logged activities. You log MUST BE completed by the Sunday deadline for credit!!

You will receive FULL CREDIT if:

  1. You fill out your Log #6 this week ON TIME.  
  2. You complete at least 150 minutes/2.5 hours of varied activity/exercise for this week 
  3. You have written a DESCRIPTION/DETAIL of each activity.

You will lose points if:

  1. You have less than 150 minutes/2.5 hours of activity/exercise recorded in your WelNet Activity Log.
  2. You do not fill out the description/detail portion for each activity.

You will not receive credit for logs that are not done on time in WelNet. It is your responsibility to fill in your log by Friday with Sunday being the final deadline. You should not wait until the end of the week to record in your log.

PROTIP: Use your phone or other device and record your daily activity sometime at the end of every day so that you do not forget at the end of the week...after you brush your teeth, before you get into bed? 

Email me anytime if you have questions or need support!


  • YouTube Videos-Link to PE Videos on my Winegar Connect
  • PE Files Tab-Find Fitness Day Activities
  • Check Previous Blogs
  • Instagram: @maywoodpe 

Have a great week everyone!