Welcome to Maywood PE!

Starting today, you are officially in PE and here is what your Online PE looks like!

It's very simple. All you are asked to do is be active during the week for approximately 30 minutes a day, so that at the end of each week, you will have at least 150 minutes of active exercise/physical activity!You should have already tried to sign in to your WelNet Account. This is where you will be recording/LOGGING your Activity for your teacher. 


You will have a NEW LOG assigned EACH MONDAY. You have until that SUNDAY to fill out your ACTIVITY LOG in WelNet...It's THAT EASY!!! 

You will be graded Pass/Fail (P or F) for this trimester. Fill out your logs each week for an easy P!

This is an INDEPENDENT way to do PE...You will get to choose all of your activities! We have set up a ISD MAYWOOD PE YouTube Channel and have PLAYLISTS with all kinds of videos you can use for different workouts. You can explore others and if you find one you like, you can send us a link to add to our channel! Just send your link(s) to this email address: maywoodpe1969@gmail.com 

I miss you all and wish we were all together at Maywood! I invite you to email me anytime with questions or to just share how you are doing. We can also set up a Zoom Conference. Check back at the my Connect Site for new BLOG Entries!

Alright! Time to do PE! I can't wait to hear about all the activities you do in your WelNet Activity Log! Go Check out the YouTube. You will find the Green YouTube button/link at the top-left of my Connect Site!

Have fun! 


Mrs. Winegar

Activity Log Directions.docx