• 2/25 Tuesday

    Regular PE: Pickle Ball Partner Pass Spin City: Spin Day!
    • 25 Feb 2020
  • 2/24, Monday

    Regular PE: Pickle Ball/Solo Skills Indoor Run Spin City: Mat Monday/Yoga with Adrienne
    • 24 Feb 2020
  • 2/14, Friday

    Regular PE: Pacer Practice and Journal Spin City: Choices and Journal **Assembly Schedule Today! Have a great mid-winter break...remember to do make up slips if you are going to be coming back late from break!
    • 14 Feb 2020
  • 2/13 Thursday

    REgular PE: Badminton Games and Indoor Run Spin City: Strength Day! Remember to bring a bag tomorrow to take your clothes home. Also, keep up on your Make Up Slips!
    • 13 Feb 2020
  • 2/12 Wednesday

    Fitness Day for All Classes! Wheel of Fortune Card Game! Don't forget to turn in your make up slips!
    • 12 Feb 2020
  • 2/11, Tuesday

    Regular PE: Badminton Games and SWAMP Game Run Spin City: Spin Day! Remember to stay on top of your make up slips and plan ahead if possible; Turn them in before you leave!
    • 11 Feb 2020
  • 2/10, Monday

    Regular PE: Bad Minton Games Spin City: Mat Monday Remember to stay on top of your make up slips, especially if you are planning to leave for Mid Winter Break early.
    • 10 Feb 2020
  • 2/7 Friday

    REgular PE: Warm Ups/Strength Training/RELAY PACER/journal SPIN CITY: CHOICE! Remember to take your clothes home, wash and bring back on Monday!
    • 7 Feb 2020
  • 2/6 Thursday

    Regular PE: Badminton: Partner Games SPIN CITY: Strength Day **You need to bring a bag to take your PE clothes home tomorrow. You also will need your journal and a pencil tomorrow for Journal Time!
    • 6 Feb 2020
  • 2/5 Wednesday

    Regular PE and Spin: Fitness Day! Spin the Wheel!
    • 5 Feb 2020
  • 2/4 Tuesday

    Regular PE: Badminton: Partner Passing; Indoor run; Spin City: Spin Day1
    • 4 Feb 2020
  • 2/3 Monday

    REGULAR PE: We will kick off our Badminton Unit. Indoor Run: Swamp Monster SPIN CITY: Yoga
    • 3 Feb 2020
  • 1/31 Friday

    Journal Day! REgular PE: Mid Tri Max Out Plank Spin: Choice Day! Clothes go home...bring 'em back on Monday!
    • 31 Jan 2020
  • 1/30 Thursday

    Today we will run the 1600m Run-PreTest#4 You can do it! Four laps and you are done!
    • 30 Jan 2020
  • 1/28 Tuesday

    Regular PE: Flicker Ball Spin City: Spin
    • 29 Jan 2020
  • 1/29 Wednesday

    Fitness Day: Circuits!
    • 29 Jan 2020
  • 1/23 Thursday

    Regular PE: Flicker Ball and Indoor Run Spin City: Weights and Strength Day
    • 23 Jan 2020
  • 1/22 Wednesday

    Fitness Day! Tabata Trio!
    • 23 Jan 2020
  • 1/22 Tuesday

    Welcome Back! After a crazy week, we are headed back to a strong routine! Regular PE: Handball Games! We are finishing up our unit and will be starting Flickerball this week! Be prepared to run our 1600m pretest at any time...bring a sweatshirt/pants...
    • 21 Jan 2020
  • 1/7 Tuesday

    Handball Games and indoor Run Spin City: Spin Day and continued Sit and Reach PreTest
    • 7 Jan 2020
  • 1/6 Monday

    Welcome Back and Happy 2020! Indoor Run! Today we will do 2v2 Handball! Turn in your make up slips!
    • 6 Jan 2020
  • 12/19, Thursday

    Regular PE: Push Up Pre-Test Spin City: Tabata and Weights--Sit and Stretch Pre-Test All: Remember to bring a bag tomorrow to take your clothes home over break! Journal and Pens needed for tomorrow!
    • 19 Dec 2019
  • 12/17 Tuesday

    Regular PE: Plank PreTest Spin City: Spin Day
    • 17 Dec 2019
  • 12/16 Monday

    Regular PE: Team Handball-Shooting on goal with a defender. Spin City: Yoga Introduction with Ms. Hupp
    • 16 Dec 2019
  • 12/11 Wednesday

    Fitness Day! Rock Paper Scissors!!!
    • 11 Dec 2019