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Technology, computers, the internet, cell phones are great learning tools and entertainment devices. Here is some information to help parents understand how we use computers at school, and some tips for home computer use.

At School
When you students are at school using the computers and district network we are following the guidelines set forth by school district, our technology team and our teachers.
When students are enjoying free time on the computers at school during lunch or after school the reins are loosened a bit, however they are still supervised and game playing is limited to school educational software and sometimes the websites such as BrainPop and other sites that have been cleared by Mr. Dahlin.
At Home
What you and your family allow at home of course it's up to you. Many parents are concerned about the safety of their youngsters on the internet. So we're providing some information to help you be as informed as you want to be about the dangers and safeguards that are available to you.
In the Car
Those cool little phone devices have become so much more. They have become a life line for many, and in some cases unfortunately the cause of deaths. Just as we have had to learn as parents to teach our kids about using computers and the internet safely we also have the obligation to teach our kids, our future drivers, how to not use our cell phones while driving. Please take a moment to read this PTSA article.
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Page updated May 19, 2008