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Volunteer Calendar


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Specialist Schedule

A Week:

Monday: Library -- 11:15 -12:15
Tuesday: Music -- 10:05 - 10:45
Wednesday: P.E. -- 10:05 - 10:45
Thursday: Music -- 11:40-12:20

Friday: No specialist

B Week:

Monday: P.E. -- 10:05-11:45
Tuesday: P.E. -- 11:40-12:20
Wednesday: No specialist
Thursday: No specialist
Friday: Music -- 11:40-12:20

Helpful Links

Reading: - Read Reviews by Kids

Math: - Fun and Free Math Practice (like Multiplication practice)

Social Studies: - Online Study Guide for SS tests

Classroom Expecations


I ask all students to follow the C.A.R.E.S expectations in my classroom.

Cooperation: Cooperate with others, follow directions from adults the first time, and wait your turn.

Advocate: Advocate by reporting bullying/safety issues to the closest adult

Responsibility: Be responsible for yourself and your possesions.  Go directly to your destination.  Pick up and throw away litter if you see it.

Empathy: Be polite and hold doors for the next person.Offer to help others in need.

Self-Control: Keep hands and feet to self.  Control volume of ones voice.

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How to use my connect site:

News: This is the place you will find classroom newsletters, schedule information, and other general classroom information.

Homework:  Documents associated with projects and homework will be posted here.

Calendar:  The homework calendar provides information on what homework assignments are due and when.  The events calendar lists major upcoming school and classroom events.

No events occur after 11 Apr 2021.