Ongoing PE Information

Hello Lions,

I hope you are well. The number one thing I want you to focus on is waking up each day thankful for the life you have, the positive people in your life, and who you are as a person. I am hoping you find time to smile and laugh as well as feel the down times. During the downs, take the time to breathe slowly through your tummy knowing that it will pass and that you will feel better after. 

 I'm going to give you various challenges this week. Remember that our target goal is 60 minutes of exercise per day. This is very difficult for me right now and remember that our job is simply to do the best we can. I encourage you to try to get your heart rate up for as much of that 60 minutes as possible. Bike rides, jogs, and walks with family will be great. Please also keep in mind that I know we are all in different places. If you cannot complete these challenges safely or don't have the equipment, feel free to be creative and find a way to do the best you can. Exercise is a great brain break. The increased oxygen can stimulate thought and creativity. Do a bit of academic work and then take an exercise break. Then repeat. 

 Parents. I am using YouTube for some content. Please keep in mind that the content is clean but the ads that will show on this platform are out of my control.


Students Please Watch New Message From Mr. Miller 5-25-2020:  

 Basic Fitness Challenge: PLANKS (both two elbow and side planks)

Attempt to hold for at least 30 seconds. Straight body. Visualize your core muscles holding you strong in place. Remind yourself this is using your abdominals in the front, extensors in the back, and obliques on the sides. If you want more motivation, use family or music. Challenge your sister or brother to a "Plank Off!"  

 Fitness Using Technology: Netflex Powerpoint Attached

Download the Powerpoint document attached to this message. Go to Slideshow. Select the video you would like to do fitness to. Enjoy. 

 Skill Challege: Golf 

Attempt to create and play your own golf hole or course. Watch the video and have fun! The video orientation got flipped but I kept it because it had good information. Position your feet pointing at the ball. Opposite side faces the target (hole/cup). Hold the club with thumbs down. Dominant hand on the bottom. Glue hands together. Legs make the letter A. Arms make the letter Y. When you are ready, use ticktock pendulum motion. Y, Putt, Y.   

Extra Fitness Challenge: Jumping.....The Post It Challenge

Please remember this is only done if parents approve and you have a safe place and the Post Its or stickers to spare. You jump up and see how high you can get. That is your current record. Each day you do at least 5 jumps reaching with your left hand and 5 jumps reaching with your right hand.  

 Have fun,

Mr. Miller

Distance Learning Activities

I will archive the ongoing menu of ideas that your child can work on here... new items for this week are in blue.

Issaquah School District has put together resources for fourth-graders as well; week of 3/30 resources are here. and last week's are here


-Choose an Application Problem to complete. Be sure to use the Read, Draw, Write strategy.

-Teach someone a game we have played in class such as Multiplication War, or create your own math game

-Zearn: Revisit old modules, work at your own pace, and focus on completing lessons. We left off on Module 5 lesson 22 ​. Again, we are focusing on review so the goal should not be to get way ahead. This year, we have completed Modules 1, 2, 3, and are currently working through Module 5.

-Practice math facts: go to YouTube and find different songs to practice with, count by your most challenging fact, make or purchase flash cards ​(UpSparks is a brand of flashcards that can be found on Amazon).

-Create your own word problems: quiz your family members and have them create word problems for you. Make them relevant to your own life!


-Read a short story, then create a story arc to the identify parts of the story (hook/lead, problem, solution, setting, events, climax, etc.) 

-Read a short story, then identify the theme or life lesson of the story; use details from the text to support your answer. TumblebooksStorylineonline, and Actively Learn (accessed through Clever) are good resources for short stories but not the only ones out there

-Read every day! Any genre, but something just right (not books that you know are too easy)

-Research a topic using resources on MackinVIA you are curious about, then teach someone what you have learned (practice some of those notetaking and synthesis strategies we have been working on!)

-Use Actively Learn (via Clever) to find short stories and articles to read

Fiction Reading Responses: As a way to combine some reading and writing work, you can choose one of the questions below to journal about after reading. Or make up your own!

If you could meet any character from the book you are reading who would it be and why? What are 4 interview questions you would want to ask them?

What character traits does the main character have? What evidence do you have to prove that?

If you could meet the author of this book, what would you want to ask them?

Which character do you relate to the most and why?


-Focus on structure: Make sure you have a plan for what you working on, this may be a story arc if you are working on a story or boxes and bullets if you are working on opinion or informational writing.

-Use a strategy we have practiced for your introductions and conclusions

-Make a journal entry about your day; think what was your favorite part of the day and why, what different things/activities did you do?

-Write a fantasy or realistic fiction story of your choice! Remember to use the writing process to plan, draft, revise and edit.

-Choose someone to write a letter to each day.

Science/Social Studies:

-Practice taking notes while watching a video: watch it once through to preview the textand then once more while taking structured notes. Choose from these videos that match content we’ve studied: Watch a BrainPop video related to Earth’s Changing Surfaces: Earthquakes, Erosion, Floods, Glaciers, Plate Tectonics, Weathering, or Wind. Watch a geology of WA State video about erratic Boulders: 

-Use the Washington State Tourism website to plan a trip in Washington. Where in Washington will you want to go once we’re done social-distancing?

-Complete a science experiment or activity. This website has a lot of ideas with clear instructions, most use basic materials.