Welcome to K-2 Music at Newcastle Elementary ! My name is Mrs. Erin Simpson and I am so happy to be a music teacher at this wonderful school.

Here are our classroom expectations for music:

1. Treat others the way you want them to treat you.

2. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

3. Raise your hand before speaking.

4. Give your best effort in music class.

Our Units of Study in Music Class

September-October: Rhythm

  • Students learn to read and perform note values and rhythmic patterns according to grade level.

November-December: Melody

  • Students learn how pitches move up, down, and stay the same to create melodies. They sing, play instruments, and do movements to show melodic direction.  


Grade 4 - Recorders (Sunset Elementary)

In grade 4, students at Sunset Elementary participate in the Recorder Karate program. Students can earn up to nine "belts" when they learn to play pieces from the Recorder Karate book.

  • Students learn note names, note values, recorder playing technique, ensemble playing, and how to listen respectfully during a performance.
  • Throughout the year, fourth graders also have opportunities to sing songs and play classroom percussion instruments. 
  • This year's fourth grade concert is scheduled for March 10, 2015.