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        Daily Schedule (September-Dec) 2019

   Daily Schedule for 2020 (New and Improved) 

 Secondary Digital Support LINK 

 Table Contents Science Notebook 2019-20

    Upcoming Events: Tests/Quizzes, Graded assignments/Labs, Due Dates

 Light bulb Notes for Interactive Notebook 

   Phet simulations for Science Class




         *  Phet SIMULATION: Balancing Equations

 Naming Chemical Compounds Online Activity (click here)

  Light Lab Stations Link

  Waste Water Treatment Plant Process

 Renewable Energy Project 

 Student Reflections for Success

  Late/Missing Work Assignment Form

Late Work Policy:

  • All late work requires students to fill out Missing Assignment Form.
  • Late work will NOT be accepted after the unit exam for those learning targets.

Make-up/Late work Policy:

Students are responsible for scheduling time to make up missed work.  Missing/late work will be accepted until the date of assessment for those targets.

  Missing/Late work requires a completed late work slip form.  No late work will be accepted without completed late work form.  All homework is due the day after it is assigned, unless otherwise indicated.

Pacific Cascade Middle School Late Work Policies: Expectations for students when on school related absences from class

          Work Assigned Prior to Scheduled Absence:

                  When an assignment or project has been assigned before a student's absence it is expected that it be turned in on the due date if they are at school any part of the day or the day they return if they were not at school on the due date.

          Work Assigned on the Day of a Scheduled Absence:

                   When work is assigned on a day the student is at school but misses part of the day for an excused school related absence the student is expected to check in with their teacher(s) for the assignment (or check the teacher websites) and it is due on the regular scheduled day.

                   When work is assigned a day that the student is not at school for an excused school related absence the student gets ONE day for every day they are absent to make up work. 


Quiz Retake Policy: available up to 1 week after original quiz. Quiz Retake days are posted on the whiteboard in the classroom. Only scores under 80% are eligible for retakes. Retakes are on study hall days of Lynx Life and scheduled with Teacher. You must contact teacher to obtain a request form.

Test retakes: Only scores under 80% are eligible for retakes and a Test retake request form must be completed and signed by the teacher, the student and parents before retake a scheduled retake.  

Lab makeups/inquires- must be scheduled with teacher and completed within one week of investigation.

IF YOU NEED HELP...CONTACT ME TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT after school. I'm Happy to help you! I'm here most days after school and will be happy to help you if you need it.  Let me know you want to come and get help, just to make sure I'm not leaving that day to attend a meeting:) 

 Ms. Henchen's Classroom Syllabus

 Electronic User Agreement for Henchen

   Curriculum Night Information

 Lab Safety Agreement


  Student Resources: Physics- Click here





Ed puzzle class codes

Period 1:  fabejuk

Period 2: 

Period 3: ulabuwz

Period 4: urrimfo

Period 5:  avievuw

Period 6: voepveg

Learning Targets
Year-Long Targets for Mastery

Year-Long Learning Targets (YLT): These are the year - long learning targets for measurement accuracy and precision

      YLT 1: Develop safe & appropriate lab practices and habits
      YLT 2: Measure and record data with accuracy and precision
      YLT 3: Write valid conclusions using collected/provided data
      YLT 4: Develop problem solving skills in the lab setting
      YLT 5: Identify, breakdown and implement the parts of a scientific investigation
      YLT 6: Use the factor-label method to make unit conversions and solve word problems