Life Threatening Allergy Information

Washington State Law requires that students with severe allergies (those students that have been prescribed an Epipen) have completed medication orders and a completed health plan, as well as their medication, available at the school before the child can attend school.

  • The "Allergy Action Plan", once it has been completed by both the child's physician (or other licensed health care provider) and the child's parent, is sufficient for both the medication orders and the health care plan.  Medications that can be included on the Allergy Action Plan are an Epipen and an antihistamine.  Orders for all other medications, such as inhalers, must be completed on separate "Authorization for the administration of Oral Medication at School" forms.
  • If your child has an Epipen prescribed for a severe allergy, please take the Allergy Action plan to your child's physician for completion.  The box on the front side of the form must be completed and signed by the physician.  The back side of the form must be completed and signed by the parent.