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Hello Everyone,

Here is the link to my Google Site. You can find updated information and a link to our Teams.

Welcome to ASL

Trimester 3! We will be working in Teams.

To get to our Teams for ASL, students need to do the following.

1. Log in to Microsoft’s online portal here:

2. Students use their in-district network username in the form of an Issaquah email address

(i.e. SmitJon16 would be ) and regular network password

3. Choose Work or School Account when given the choice.

4. When you click on Teams, you will see one for ASL.

From the Office365 account students may also download and install Microsoft Office 2016 onto a home computer or mobile device – (with parent permission.) You can download the Teams app, too.

If you have any problems, please email me so we can problem solve.