My name is Tori Berntsen and I am the PBSES Coach at Pine Lake Middle School.  I spent the first seven years of my career teaching Language Arts, Social Studies and PE in the Snoqualmie Valley and Issaquah School Districts.  While teaching at Beaver Lake Middle School, I was honored to receive the Golden Acorn for excellence in educating parents in positive discipline.  I have spent the last seventeen years training and coaching administrators and teachers in multiple school districts to successfully create and maintain positive learning environments, improve instructional techniques, and increase positive student relationships. In addition, I coach parents in implementing and maintaining positive parenting practices.  As a PBSES Coach, my goal is to promote respect, positive relationships, and predictable, proactive learning environments so that students can lead socially and emotionally safe and healthy lives.  I am passionate about both students and teachers succeeding at school and believe that by developing positive behavior and social and emotional skills, all students are able to learn and thrive. I love my job and I am thrilled that I get the opportunity to collaborate with teachers and students at Pine Lake Middle School.


What is a PBSES Coach?

  • Leader in promoting understanding of PBSES
  • Trainer and coach working directly with staff to implement interventions
  • Providing whole school professional development in which they inform about evidence-based practices of PBIS, SEL, Positive relationships and Proactive Classroom Management.  
  • Collector of data to monitor progress and aid in decision making
  • Maintaining the PBSES team that creates/evaluates the school-wide behavior expectations, using data-based decision making, and problem solving process to work within the multiple tiers of support.  
  • To learn more about PBSES, visit the district website by clicking here

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    Tori Berntsen, PBSES Coach

    Tori Berntsen, PBSES...