Examens finaux:
Period 5 mercredi, le 23 janvier
Period 2: vendredi, le 25 janvier

Final review sheet: http://connect.issaquah.wednet.edu/high/skyline/staff/boschkerk/m/french_1__2_files_2012_13/120178.aspx
Review grading rubric:

5—exceeds expectations (100%) -- extremely thorough answer to question that may include various possible answers or contexts, supplementary information, references the book with page numbers & notes, or other work that exceeds the expected answers 

4—above expectations (90%) -- answers question, explains context, provides supplementary information

3—above standard (80%) -- answers question and explains context

2—meets standard (70%) -- answers question accurately

1—below standard (60%) -- answers question with errors

0—missing or incomplete (50%>)

le 17 janvier: last day to submit Q2 late work (online devoirs) or retake Q2 (second part) verb quizzes. You MUST let Mme know by email or written note by this day if you want an online assignment to be credited.

Online devoirs, 3B Contextes 1, 2, 4 & 3B.1 # 5 due lundi, le 14 janvier

Online devoirs, 3B.2 # 1, 5, 6 (prepositions) due lundi, le 7 janvier. Interro de devoirs: lundi, le 7 janvier.

Prepositions book notes

DEGUSTATION--the food sampling day will be mardi, le 18 decembre

pas de devoirs en ligne pendant semaine 16 ou les vacances d'hiver (no online homework during week 16 or 1st winter break)

We added present tense forms of acheter, manger, payer & commencer to verb chart. See the verb conjugator on my Connect home page. There will be a verb quiz 11/29 & le 13 decembre 14 decembre.

le 13 decembre: last day for Q2 verb quiz retakes: avoir, manger, commencer

Examen Unite 3 contextes (family vocabulaire), 3A.1-3A.2 (adjectives form & meaning) mardi, le 11 decembre
pages 74, 82-83, 84

online devoirs for semaine 14/15 due le 11 decembre: unite 3 cahier interactif 3A.2 possessive adjectives #1, 2, 3. We are working on possessive adjectives pages 84-85.

online devoirs for semaine 13 due le 30 novembre: unite 3 cahier interactif contextes #1, 2 + 3A.1 descriptive adjectives #1, 3
we are working on adjectives 3A.1 & 3A.2 pages 83-85, due 11/30


semaine 12 du 19 au 21 novembre: We are working on the vocabulary "La Famille" introduced on pages 74-75.

Devoir due mercredi, le 21 novembre: activite de vocabulaire
in carnet de notes, label a page Unite 3 vocabulaire part 1
Use all of the words in the box 1, La Famille, on page 108 in one of the two following activites
1) four fold word ladder: make four columns and list each word once in English and three times in French
anglais francais francais francais

2) dessins: draw the words and label them with the French word

You may experiment with these two activities and do the one that helps you best learn and remember the vocabulary


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