le 17 mai: interro de vocabulaire (vetements) et des pronoms indirect (COI), page 204
Online devoirs due: 6B Contextes #1, 2, 3; 6B.1 Indirect Object Pronouns #1, 2, 3

le 13 mai: interro de verbe -re (see page 206 for forms and the meanings of possible -re verbs)

le 10 mai: group defile de modes--be sure to bring in your props

le 6 mai: interro sur les adjectifs demonstratifs (pages 190-191) et le passe compose (pages 192-193).
We have had some online devoirs that have been completed during class time. Students who were absent or didn't complete them in class should complete them before the interro.

le 26 avril: interro de verbe sur le passé composé.
This week we will talk about how to form regular and some irregular verbs in the past tense, the passé composé. Refer to book pages192-193.

le 22 avril: interro de vocabulaire 6A (pages 182-183 or page 216 boxes les fetes, periodes de la vie & les relations)
There are online devoirs assigned for extra practice, but it is *not required*


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