le 7 octobre
We corrected page R35 and did the last reflexive verb activities on page R37 in the workbook. We finished the reflexive verb handout and did exercise 9, Vive le weekend, and practiced forming reflexive verbs in the futur proche.
jeudi, 10/13, is the next verb quiz on futur proche. You will show how to form a reflexive verb in the present, passe compose, and futur proche.
We also practiced prepositions using a handout.
Other devoir: complete the preposition exercises on the handout. Print or study the chapter 1 vocab for Monday. It can be found here: http://connect.issaquah.wednet.edu/high/skyline/staff/boschkerk/m/francais_2_vocab_lists/21844.aspx

le 6 octobre
On a fini les skits. Tres bon travail.
Devoir: finissez la page R35 dans vos livres d'exercices.

le 5 octobre
Today was preparation time for the reflexive verb skit.
Devoir: Prepare to present skit on Thursday.

le 4 octobre
We worked on reflexive verbs in the past tense. We did activities 5 and 7 on the handout. Then, directions were given for a reflexive verb skit. Students will work in groups to create and perform the skit.
Devoir: work on your speaking lines and role for the skit so that you can collaborate with your group during work time on Wednesday.

le 3 octobre
We talked about reflexive verbs! There is a handout from class that you will need to complete the homework. Everything you need to complete the homework is on that handout.
Devoir: Written answers to #4 on a feuille de papier.
10 phrases qui racontent ton matin quotidien. (10 phrases to talk about your morning routine) Utilisez 10 verbes réfléchis, dont 3 négatifs. Must use 10 reflexive verbs, of which 3 are to be written in the negative form. Write these on a piece of paper to hand in!

10/3 verb quiz on (prendre/mettre) – présent/pc
Last opportunity for a quiz retake to count toward midterm grade is Wednesday before 9h50.

le 30 septembre
We practiced prendre/mettre and worked on passe compose. We corrected workbook page R31 and did the first writing activity on page R32. Then we had speaking time.
Devoir: review pages R48 & R51 on reflexive verbs in the textbook. Verb quiz on Monday.

le 29 septembre
Today we continued to talk about the passe compose. We did workbook page R19#13, 14 to practice prendre then went over passe compose using etre. We did page 16 in the packet then worked on conversation.
Devoir: Workbook page 31,
Verb interro : lundi 10/3 (prendre/mettre) – présent/pc

le 28 septembre
Today we went over the structure of the passe compose and corrected the review packet page 15. Mise en route in workbook page R30.
Change your 10 sentences from 7/9 to passé compose. 2) Read and take notes on page R53 in textbook (on passé composé with « etre ») 3) Read and take notes on the forms of prendre (p R26) and mettre (p H28) from your textbook. Make sure they are on they yellow verb chart.

le 26 septembre
Today was a quiz on vouloir/pouvoir. Page 21 in review packet was checked for homework. Then we worked on understanding the past tense form and function by identify verbs and meanings in a story and then writing one's own sentences.
Devoir: 1) finish writing past tense sentences/or translating story 2) page 22 in review packet 3) taked notes on the passe compose from pages R41 and R43 in the Bon Voyage textbook.

9/26 verb quiz on vouloir/pouvoir

le 23 septembre
The mise en route activity was to complete workbook page R17 to practice vouloir & pouvoir. Then, we reviewed the adjective exercises and completed workbook pages R2-R3 #5, 6, 7. Then we talked briefly about possessive adjectives.
Devoir: Complete these 21 in the review packet and period 5 (only) has an assignment to write sentences describing yourself (use form je) using 10 adjectives. Try to use a comparative form.
Here is an online resource for possessive adjectives if you need to review forms and meanings: http://www.laits.utexas.edu/tex/gr/det6.html

Also, verb quiz on Monday on pouvoir & vouloir

le 22 septembre
We reviewed vouloir with a mise en route activity. Then, we talked about adjectives and the three things to think about when forming and using adjectives: l'accord (agreement m/f/s/pl), irregular forms, and placement. These things are summarized in the document "Adjectives" under French 2 Class Handouts http://connect.issaquah.wednet.edu/high/skyline/staff/boschkerk/m/francais_2_class_handouts/44945.aspx.
Then, classtime was used to complete pages 18-20 in the paquet et revision (review packet).
Devoir: Complete these pages (18-20) and period 2 (only) has an assignment to write sentences describing yourself (use form je) using 10 adjectives.
Also, verb quiz on Monday on pouvoir & vouloir

le 21 septembre
We spent class time reviewing the verb pouvoir with a mise en route activity. Then, we worked with negative sentences in the workbook on pages R12 #13 & #14.
Devoir: no specific homework due tomorrow. Practice verbs vouloir and pouvoir for upcoming quiz.

le 20 septembre
Today we took verb quiz on etre, avoir, aller & faire. We practiced the forms of verbs vouloir & pouvoir on page 13 of  review packets (see page R25 of Bon Voyage textbook for reference). We went over negative forms and practiced using "de" after pas.
Devoir: workbook page 12 #13

9/20 verb quiz on etre, avoir, aller & faire

le 19 septembre
Today we spent time reviewing etre, avoir, aller & faire. We reviewed how to form a negative sentence and completed review packet page 7.
Devoir: prepare for verb quiz for Tuesday (mardi) 9/20 on etre, avoir, aller & faire

le 16 septembre
Today I collected review packets. Workbook pages were stamped and we reviewed them together in class. We listened to a song.
Devoir: prepare for verb quiz for Tuesday (mardi) 9/20 on etre, avoir, aller & faire

le 15 septembre
Today we reviewed the forms of etre, avoir, aller & faire. Pages 8, 9, 10,  & 12 of the review packet were worked on during class and must be completed for tomorrow. These are practice of the aforementioned verbs.
Devoir: Workbook pages R4 & R13 to work on the same verbs.

le 14 septembre
Conversation! Today was a formal conversation. Students MUST contribute to conversation to earn points toward the 15% "Speaking in the Target Language" part of final grade.
Devoir: review the verb forms on pages R6 and R18 of the green textbook "Bon Voyage." I will expect you to know which verbs are on these pages and have their forms fresh in your minds for Thursday.
Also, be sure you have completed workbook pages R10-11 and R23-24 for Thursday.
You MUST have your workbook on Friday.

le 13 septembre
Today we worked on questions. We did a "mise en route" to practice "est-ce que" and inversion questions and corrected the homework. Then we spent time on the attached pages with "questions importantes pour francais I".
Devoir: review the questions pour fr I, be sure you know what they ask and can answer them to prepare for formal conversation.

lundi, 12/9--Verb Quiz on regular verbs (-er, -ir, -re)

le 12 septembre
Today we started with a mise en route to practice verbs and a/de contractions and students took the regular verb quiz and we started talking about the three ways to ask questions in French.
Devoir pour 9/12: fill in the correct mot d'interogatif (question word) for the questions on the second page of the handout. Review the questions on the attached page--period 2 was asked to answer 10.
Sorry I didn't post on Friday. The homework was to complete pages R10-11 and R23-24 in the workbook to prepare for the quiz. Students should make sure these pages are completed for a workbook check.

le 8 septembre
We reviewed conjugating verbs. If you were absent, you need to write 10 sentences in the "tu" form from the list used for homework for jeudi. Turn in with your feuille de participation.
Devoir pour 9/8:
1) finish pages 3, 4, 5 in the paquet de revision
2) print the a et de practice sheet from "Class Handouts"
3) print yourself a feuille de participation for lundi, 9/12

le 7 septembre
On discute les verbes! Today we are working to remember verbs and decipher meaning using words and pictures.
Your devoir is to use the phrases we use in class to write 10 sentences about what you do. Find the file under "Handouts" labelled "Devoir pour jeudi." Choose 10 of the sentences and change them to the "je" form. There is an example in the document. Bring your "je" sentences to class on jeudi/Thursday, le 8 septembre.

le 6 septembre
I collected today the internet homework and responsibility contract signature pages, and I stamped page 2 of the review packet (a/de). We spent some time going over organizational issues and make partner sheets (feuilles de partenaires). We continued working on a/de and their forms. We had an informal Quizz to see how we are doing on this topic. Tomorrow we will start reviewing verbs.
Devoir: I will not collect a specific assignment but review some verbs so that they are fresh in your mind for Wednesday.

le 2 septembre
On va parler francais en class.
We talked about participation and the "Speaking in the target language" grade component and did an activity to practice how these components will be conducted in class. Then we worked on page 2 of the review page. Please complete page 2 of the review packet for Tuesday (mardi, le 6 september). This is in addition to your devoir described below:

Devoir a rendre le 6 septembre:
Look for a site on the internet in French that is interesting to you.  You can find a site about a musician, athlete, sports team/event, news, country, cultural event, animal, etc.  Spend at least 15 minutes reading as much as you can on the site and going to the different links.  Print out the home page of the site, then write at least 75 words in English or French telling why you picked this site, what you learned on the site and what you found interesting about the site.

Aussi, il faut rendre la page de signatures le 6 septembre.


le 1 septembre
Nous avons discuté le « responsibility contract ». Il faut rendre la page de signatures le 6 septembre.
Devoir (#3 en-bas/below)

le 31 août

Congratulations! Félicitations! Vous êtes revenus. Aujourd’hui on a exploré le site web de Mme et on a commencé la révision (review).  

Il y a 3 (trios) devoirs:
1) faites (do) page 1 du paquet de révision (only do page one of the review packet for jeudi, Thursday)
2) imprimez (print ) le « responsibility contract » dans "French 2 Class Handouts" pour jeudi (Thursday)
3) faites et imprimez (complete and print) la Connect Chasse aux Tresors aussi dans "French 2 Class Handouts" pour vendredi (Friday).

Your secret word is: SPARTA

 le 30 août
Aujourd'hui on se présente à la classe et on discute en français.
Tout le monde reponde aux questions "La Questionnaire" sur une feuille de papier (this is your make-up if you missed)

Check in here for a summary of what was covered in class, your daily devoir, and due dates.