Vocabulaire de chapitre 1: http://connect.issaquah.wednet.edu/high/skyline/staff/boschkerk/m/francais_2_vocab_lists/21844.aspx

le 31 octobre--Q1 ends. This is the last day for quiz retakes and any outstanding work for Q1.

jeudi, 13/10 interro sur les verbes réfléchis (présent, passé composé, futur proche)
vendrei, 14/10 interro sur le vocabulaire de chapitre 1
vendredi, 21/10 interro de verbes connaitre/savoir
jeudi, 26/10, interro sur les complements objet pronom de chapitre 1

le 1 novembre
We did a speaking activity with the citrouilles, then started "Lecture culturelle" for chapitre 1. Everyone should have a self-drawn plan of Paris with the places mentioned in the reading indicated.
Devoir: read "Lecture culturelle" in the manuel (textbook) page 20-21. For each place mentioned, indicate a fact or point of interest relevant to that place.

le 31 octobre
"Affiches" projects were turned in. We spent time discussing them in pairs and groups for the presentation. The we reviewed preposions and adjectives and did a pumpkin activity.
Devoir: for tomorrow, finish designing your own pumpkin and write the instructions you would give someone else to recreate your design.

vendredi, le 28 octobre
Thursday and Friday we worked on chapter 1 projects--creating a poster for a cultural event and incorporating vocabulary for chapter 1. These are due Monday.

mercredi, le 26 octobre
We practiced all object pronouns: le/la/l'/les & me/te/nous/vous. We did practice and self tests with these on the active expressions and finished with written exercises. Answers to the written exercices are here: http://connect.issaquah.wednet.edu/high/skyline/staff/boschkerk/m/francais_2_class_handouts/53547.aspx
Devoir: interro on object pronouns Thursday.

mardi, le 25 octobre
We practiced using me/te as object pronouns, took a self test with active expressions, and did workbook exercise #11, page 6. Finish this workbook page for tomorrow.

lundi, le 24 octobre
We practiced identifying COD and replacing with pronouns. We started talking about using me, te, nous, vous as direct object pronouns. We took self tests with activ expressions and will do this again tomorrow. Plan for a quiz this week.

vendredi, le 21 octobre
Mise en route page R27 in livre d'exercice to practice weather, seasons, & months. Today was quiz on savoir/connaitre. Homework was checked. We practiced COD.
Devoir: activite musee. You will find instructions and links at the link below:

jeudi, le 20 octobre
Mise en route : livre d’exercice page 5 #9
We sang songs to practice several French 2 concepts! We practiced using the COD (complement objet direct) pronouns orally.
Devoir: in your manuel (textbook) find page 15, #21, and write the answers for the blanks in your cahier.
interro de verbes vendredi, savoir & connaitre

mercredi, le 19 octobre
Mise en route : livre d’exercice page 5 #8
We talked about identifying a direct object in a sentence and the direct object pronouns  le/la/l’/les. We did page 23 in the review packet to practice. The rest of the review packet was turned in.
devoir: complete page 23 for tomorrow.

mardi, le 18 octobre
We practiced writing, with focus on verbs. Mise en route was #11 on the connaitre/savoir handout.
Bring the review packet tomorrow. Interro de verbes vendredi: savoir & connaitre

lundi, le 17 octobre
We practiced writing complete sentences. Mise en route was #11 on the connaitre/savoir handout.
Devoir: vocab sentence revisions due tomorrow.

vendredi, le 14 octobre--interro

jeudi, le 13 octobre
Today we took the reflexive verb quiz, reviewed vocabulary and talked about the forms and use of the verbs connaitre & savoir.
Devoir: quiz Friday on chapitre 1 vocabulaire

lundi et mardi, le 10-11 octobre
Chapter 1 vocabulary was introduced. It can be printed from the website and is also on page 30 in the textbook.
Devoir:  Due JEUDI: pages 1-4, all exercises, in workbook. For questions, you must give answers in COMPLETE SENTENCES. This will require you to use skills and material we have covered during the review. Also, due JEUDI: 10 original sentences of your own using vocabulary.
verb quiz jeudi on verbes réfléchis
You can find some basic reflexive verb practice under "wiki"

Due VENDREDI: vocab mots cachés. Interro de vocabulaire.