Your chapitre 2 vocab list is here:
Etre verb song:
Passe compose with etre online notes:

Interro le 18/11--irregular ir verb (dormir, partir, servir, sortir, sentir, se sentir)
Interro le 9/11--souffrir/ouvrir
Interro le 10/11--ch 2 vocabulaire

mercredi, le 23 novembre
Nous avons regarde un film. Pas de devoirs. Bon week-end!

lundi, le 21 novembre
We discussed pronouns in particular the pronoun "en." We did exercise #25 on page 49 in the textbook and the first written activity in the workbook on page 17.
Devoir: finish the lecture culturelle, pages 52-53, and complete the reading activities A (per 2, 5) or B (per 3)

vendredi, le 18 novembre
We talked about the imperatif described on page 45 of the textbook.
Devoir: Bring textbook on Monday! Apportez vos manuels lundi.

jeudi, le 17 novembre
We practiced passe compose and continued to work on pronouns (COD/COI) in class today.
Devoir: read page 45 and take notes on the imperatif
Interro le 18/11--irregular ir verb (dormir, partir, servir, sortir, sentir, se sentir)

mercredi, le 16 novembre
We worked on object pronouns (COD/COI) in class today.For grammatical explanation, refer to your book or on the web to:

mardi, le 15 novembre
Pas de devoirs

jeudi, le 14 novembre
Today we did pratique a l'orale with chapitre 2 vocabulary. Students need to practice using the words to express ideas. Speaking English during French speaking time will have a negative impact on the speaking grade.

jeudi, le 10 novembre
Today there was a quiz. No homework EXCEPT remember to bring your body parts on Monday. --une tete, 2 jambes, 2 bras, + optional others deux yeux, deux oreilles, une bouche, un nez, un coeur, des mains, des pieds

mercredi, le 9 novembre
Today we took souffrir/ouvrir quiz and practiced usage of vocabulary by practicing prepositions and verbs.
Devoir interro vendredi sur le vocabulaire de chapitre 2

mardi, le 8 novembre
today we worked on the pronouns lui & leur and the function of the COI.
Devoir: indirect object worksheet, page 24 in the review packet

lundi, le 7 novembre
We worked with vocabulary, practiced using soufffir/ouvrir, and introduced the COI (complement objet indirect).
Devoir: finish activite de vocabulaire (any words not used in the sentences); complete workbook page 13; review page 42 in the textbook, take notes on the important points and do exercise #14 on page 43

jeudi, le 3 novembre
Today we talked about forms of the verbs souffrir & ouvrir and put them on the verb chart. We went over chapter 2 vocab and completed the workbook pages 11-12. Workbooks were turned in.
Devoir (per 3 & 5): find out something about the French health care system

mercredi, le 2 novembre
Today we talked about the verb venir. We put the forms on the verb chart and completed page 11 in the review packet. We also talked about the "maison d'etre" verbs, ie those that use "etre" in the passe compose. Their past participles are mentioned here:
Devoir: complete page R36 in the livre d'exercices & bring chapter 2 vocab list to class.