le 18 janvier -- Il neige!! Pas d'école! School has been cancelled due to snow and our finals will be rescheduled. If you want to use this extra time to practice French, here are some online resources for you.

Your textbook has practice tests--try them for chapters 1-4.

Check out the wiki for links to topics for which you would like more practice. You can practice verbs, passé composé & imparfait, COD/COI, and plenty of other topics.

Bon courage! Et amusez-vous dans la neige!!


chapitre 4 vocabulaire: http://connect.issaquah.wednet.edu/high/skyline/staff/boschkerk/m/francais_2_vocab_lists/21848.aspx
imparfait/passe compose cheat sheet: http://connect.issaquah.wednet.edu/high/skyline/staff/boschkerk/m/francais_2_class_handouts/67907.aspx

Finals schedule: http://www.shs.issaquah.wednet.edu/2011-2012/UpLoaded_2011_2012/1stSemesterFinals2012.pdf
Fr2 Finals review: http://connect.issaquah.wednet.edu/high/skyline/staff/boschkerk/m/francais_2_class_handouts/67510.aspx

le 6/1 interro de verbe: venir
le 9/1: winter break devoir due
le 11 et le 12/1: interro de vocabulaire de chapitre 4

le 13 janvier
Class time was spent on January 11, 12, & 13 preparing for next week's final. Students should complete the self test 1 in the workbook and review the topics on the review guide (posted above). We will go over in class the topics requested by students.
We also took a quiz on ch 4 vocab. Students who were absent will need to make it up on Tuesday, 1/17.

le 10 janvier
Students had time to review and practice vocabulary.
Then we worked on passe compose/imparfait, in particular in sentences with both forms & "quand",  indicating one action was happening when another action occured. Then, we read a fairy tale in 10 lines and students started working on fairy tales in groups.
Devoir: prepare for vocab quiz and print final review guide.

le 9 janvier
We continued to discuss the usage of imparfait/passe compose. We did workbook exercises #9, 11, and 14 on pages 38-39.
You can see the cheat sheet with the list of word clues here: http://connect.issaquah.wednet.edu/high/skyline/staff/boschkerk/m/francais_2_class_handouts/67907.aspx
Devoir: complete the exercise that was assigned as homework for your class.

le 6 janvier
Verb quiz today. We went over the uses of passe compose and imparfait. We reviewed the textbook information on pages 78, 106, and 109.
Devoir: finish page 111 #20 in the textbook. Indicate the correct form of the verb to you and give justification (why imparfait or passe compose)
Winter break homework due Monday: http://connect.issaquah.wednet.edu/high/skyline/staff/boschkerk/m/francais_2_class_handouts/65408.aspx

le 5 janvier
We discussed geographic prepositions outlined on page 113 of the textbook. We did several exercices from page 1114 of the textbook,
Devoir: complete page 40 in the livre d'exercices (workbook). Bring book to class jeudi.
interro de verbe: venir vendredi

le 4 janvier
We went over ch 4 vocabulary.
Devoir: please complete the livre d'exercices Mots 1 & Mots 2 section, pages 33-36. For exercice 2, write 3 sentences with the vocabulary. For exercise 4, write 7 sentences with the vocabulary. This is activite de vocabulaire.
Bring book to class jeudi.

le 3 janvier
Bonne annee! Please complete your 10 resolutions for tomorrow.
Devoir: Ecrivez (write) and illustrez (illustrate) 10 resolutions of your own. Use the imparfait to say what you used to do in 2011, and the futur proche to say what you are going to do in 2012.
En 2011, je  + imparfait. En 2012, Je vais + infinitif (verbe ending in –er, -ir, -re)
Review and bring chapitre 4 vocabulaire