Due the day of your final exam:
Review sheet cover
Review activities
Verb Chart

periodes 3 & 4 examen final: vendredi, le 14 juin
periode 6 examen final: lundi, le 17 juin

French Texting: http://french.about.com/library/writing/bl-texting.htm
Don't spend a ton of time on this, but we talked about some of these French texts in class

le 3 juin: interro sur les pronoms relatifs qui, que, dont, (pages 224-225 dans le livre)
devoirs en lignes due: DA2 Unite 2 cahier interactif 5B.2 Relative pronouns qui, que, dont, où # 1, 2, 3

Projects for May 20-24

French 2 students have a "French History" Facebook project on a "personnage historique." Monday and Tuesday you should have computer access to work on this project.


Template: http://connect.issaquah.wednet.edu/high/skyline/staff/boschkerk/m/french_1__2_files_2012_13/134813.aspx

Partner assignments:

On Wednesday and Thursday you will see a film by Marcel Pagnol. Pagnol is the author of the books students in IB French are reading this year.
Friday (5/25) and Monday (5/26) are Memorial Weekend Days. See you the 27th!


vendredi, le 17 mai
interro de vocabulaire (professions) , lequel et clauses (page 204)
Devoirs en ligne: 5A.1 #1, 4 (futur simple with quand et Des que); 5A.2 #2 (lequel); 5B.1 #1, 3, 4 (Si clauses)

for mercredi, le 15 mai (period 4 only): finissez le feuille beige, verbes au present et au futur simple

vendredi, le 10 mai (period 4 only)
conjugate manger, aller, mourir, chanter, aimer in the imparfait and the conditionnel for "je" (NB aller & mourir and irregular futur/conditionnel stems)

vendredi, le 26 avril: interro de vocabulaire 5A (pages 198-199)
Devoirs en ligne facultatif (optional)

return to unite 4: http://connect.issaquah.wednet.edu/high/skyline/staff/boschkerk/b/francais_2/archive/2013/03/19/da2-unite-5.aspx