Yearbook Information

This webpage is the source for all yearbook information. If you click on the 'Files' tab above you will be able to access documents containing information about Yearbook Photos specifications/ Deadlines and Dedication specifications/ Deadlines. Dont forget to make sure you have purchased a book this year.

Skyline High School Community Picture Share
Greetings Skyline Community! Due to the COVID-19 closure yearbook is making a special request to students, staff, and families. We are currently collecting photographs to use for the 2020-2021 yearbook. All photos can be submitted through the special link on the flyer (also below) and should include first and last names of the student and grade.
Share your Photos Here
or go to this web address 

Missed Yearbook Portrait for UNDERCLASSMEN
If you are a student who missed the yearbook picture days on 9/30 and 10/7 you still have a chance to get your portrait in the book this year. Please read and follow the specifications on this form and click on the file below to submit! If you do not participate a placeholder card will be used. 

Yearbook Portrait for Seniors
Seniors, please submit your senior yearbook portrait photo by November 5th, 2020. Please read and follow the specifications on this form below to submit!

Senior Yearbook Dedications
Senior parents! If you would like to honor your senior this year by purchasing a dedication, please refer to this flyer for more information and a link to submit pictures and messages. Page submissions are due January 19th.

Senior Yearbook Quotes
Seniors, if you would like a quote to appear under your portrait in the yearbook, you must follow the directions on this flyer. Quote submissions are optional but are due Nov. 5th, 2020.

-Adam Hendricks: Yearbook Advisor