Today, we talked abou:

  • the word freedom
  • The Revolution of 1800
  • Prosser's Rebellion
  • The Constitution

We took some time to analyze this document written by  "the well-bred, the well-fed, the well-read, and the well-wed."

(I think we all know who that "well-wed" is referring to)


We looked at the Constitution as a piece of Literature:

  • It reflects certain values, conflicts, ideas, and relationships (between individuals, between individuals and their government...)
  • Written by certain people at a certain time and place
  • Use of specific language and craft (metaphors; Federalist Papers)
  • Specific details
  • Arguments
  • Open to changing interpretations 

Your homework is to read and take notes on the attached reading.


Reading #3 Sectionalism and The American System.pdf