Reading: We have started reading in book clubs! I love the discussions I am hearing around the room during our reader's workshop.  Ask your child what book they are reading. We have started a new read aloud. Ask your child what Peg's problem is in our story. 

Writing: We have started looking at the components that make opinion writing. Students have been able to write about topics of their choosing this week. The students will be setting goals as writers this next week. We will conference about their last writing piece to help with ideas for their goals. Students were given their login for

Math: We have started working with basic division with remainders in Module 3. Please practice basic math facts at home. Ask your child about what they would do with a remainder depending on the situation. 

Social Studies: This fall our class will be focusing on the big idea of Washington Earliest Times in Social Studies. This inquiry focuses on Washington’s physical geography in general and on the relationship between Native American nations and their environments (pre-1700) in particular through the compelling question “Where and how did the earliest Washingtonians live?” The reciprocal relationship between humans and their surroundings lies at the heart of this inquiry.  We had visitors from the Burke Museum this week.