Social Studies: We are enjoying our first Social Studies unit: Washington’s Earliest Times. This new curriculum is guiding students to learn about the Indigenous People of Washington, specifically the Coastal and Plateau Native Americans. Students have had two particularly exciting experiences in this unit. First, the Burke museum in Seattle sent us a huge trunk of authentic artifacts from native tribes in Washington. We created a mini-museum here at school, and students were able to have a great hands-on experience with the artifacts. The Burke museum also sent two volunteers to Sunny Hills who set up a very impressive “Living Museum” for us that students were able to explore. These experiences have made for a very rich exploration of the first people of Washington.

Reading: Students are all well into their Book Club. We are using these novels to practice a variety of skills including comparing/contrasting, finding evidence in texts, identifying story elements (setting, characters & plot), and inferring.  

Ask your student to tell you about the theme of the book s/he is reading.

Writing: Students are writing opinion essays. These essays will be a standard five-paragraph essay with a strong thesis, and three supporting reasons. We will focus on organization, and adding evidence to support each reason.

Ask your student to tell you what their thesis and supporting reasons are.

Math: We are about half way through Module 3. This module is packed with math skills that your student will use forever! Most recently, students were finding factors, multiples, and determining if numbers are prime or composite. Next, we will be learning two digit by two digit multiplication.

Work on those multiplication facts at home! Make sure your student is proficient with them.