Washington State Festival

Save the date!

On Thursday, March 26th, the 4th grade classes will host our annual Washington State Festival.

The purpose of this festival is to research, create, and present on a county in Washington. 

We start the day with a music concert of Washington songs and then have a living museum in the classroom. We will also enjoy lunch as a class by having a Washington inspired pot-latch.

You are invited to join us for the assembly, lunch, and to see your child’s work! More information to come soon!


Social Studies

This winter our class will be focusing on the informational piece on your child's county. 

Please ask your student which county they chose.

Math: Module 5, Fractions:

Fraction Equivalence Greater Than 1, Addition and Subtraction of Fractions by Decomposition, Related Addition of Fractions as Multiplication 


Reading: Thanks to our amazing PTA, we now have a subscription to Storyworks magazine. We will be using this magazine, and the awesome articles it contains, to practice a variety of reading skills. These include finding key ideas and details, comparing and contrasting, main idea and supporting details, and many more. 

We will be using parts of our reading time for reading informational text on our next science unit.


Writing: Informational Writing: Our county project piece. 

Science: Matter