In math, we are working on fractions.  Within this large topic we have worked on naming fractional parts, finding equivalent fractions by using tape diagrams and area models.  We also identified unit fractions and wrote the unit fractions in an addition and multiplication sentences. 

Writing/Social Studies:

We are starting our research on Lewis and Clark so that we can create an information draft book.  After we practice writing an informational book, students will select their WA State topic and create a final book; in which they will present at WA Festival on March 26th.  WA Festival will be an in school celebration of WA history and their informational writing.

Word Sorts: We are focusing on using Latin and Greek roots to understand the meaning of words. 


We are determining the components in informational text. We will be looking at text features, structures, and strategies that author's use to create informational text. 

Also, we will begin Book Talks in class. Students are looking forward to sharing and learning about new books.