Good Morning Parents and Students, 

I have activities and lessons for you for this week.  Please remember that all of these are optional, and will not be graded. I am here to support you with this if you have any questions.  I will be sending some STEAM activities later this week. 

 First, in math

  1.  I have updated the students' Zearn profiles so that they are working on fractions. Zearn can be accessed via
  2.  If your child has their workbook at home they can work on a lesson a day. 


1.    Students should spend 30-40 minutes reading independently every day. Please try to make sure they aren’t reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid over and over again. J

2.    This week we will be using Scholastic’s Learn At Home curriculum. Please click here:Scholastic News . Read the articles, then do the “Continue the Learning Journey” Activities. I loved the Nothing Can Stop Her article. If your child would rather use the ones sent home before school let out, that is totally great!


1.    Students can start keeping a journal of what types of activities they are doing at home. 

2.  This week, there is a debate on the Scholastic News , students can choose to write a opinion paper based off the article. 


       1. Here is a GenerationGenius video that talks about space, which is our next unit of study. 

If your student needs more work to do, they can always practice typing or coding. They can access and through Finally, if you would like your student to do a weekly check-in with me, I would love to see what they have been working on and send back a word of encouragement (feel free to send a picture/email letting me know what they have done!). 

 Thank you,

Megan Berry