Our Classroom Rules

When we care about each other and our classroom, we share what we have, listen carefully, help each other learn, work hard, and have fun together.  We understand that everyone makes mistakes, that we stand up for ourselves and others, and when someone asks us to stop, we stop.  This is who we are, even when no one is watching!

Room 705 News and Dues

Last Day to Return Library Books = June 5th

Last Day of Lost and Found = June 12th

Last Day of Lunch = June 17th

Last Day of School = June 18th  11:00am Dismissal



Contact Me

 You can best reach me by email[E] at


Contact me by phone at (425)837-7428
Set up and appointment and meet me at Room 708

Homework Expectations

Homework for reading is every night!

15 minutes at least!  This could look like...for example...

(5min) You reading to your child (a favorite book, chapter book, bedtime book)

(5min) Your child reading to you (a book from his or her orange bag, a book from the library)

(5min) You and your child reading together (any book)


 Home Links almost every night.

These problems go along with our math lessons.

Check your mathematician's work.  He or she can

add a challenge by making a new problem that

is similar to one of the problems on the homework.

Occasionally we will have a special project for homework.

Check the instructions and due date.  Email me with any questions.

Scholastic Book Orders
Class Activation Code 


In Room 705 We Get Along by...


Taking turns


Encouraging others

Talking a problem over

Giving Compliments (Filling a bucket)

Saying "Please" and "Thank You"

Being quick to forgive

Moon Watcher
Daily Schedule

Backpacks, Folders, Check-in 8:25

Morning routines

Reading Workshop

Writing Workshop

Recess/Lunch 10:35/11:00

Math Games



Recess 1:20

Read Aloud/Snack

Social Studies


Pack up, Stack up

Dissmissal 2:55

Specialist Schedule


Mrs. Crothers-Monday, Thursday


Mr. Ayote-Wednesday, Friday


Mrs. Ensey-Tuesday

About This Site

Home =  Useful website links, my contact info, and navigating to other features of this website.

Announcements = Recent updates on our classroom learning and announcements.

Files = Download documents from the class and see farm pictures.

Room 705 Homework!: See what we are up to at home and when it is due

New Uploads
Sunny Hills Mission

Sunny Hills Mission Statement:

Sunny Hills is a community of life-long learners who are committed to academic and social growth and who celebrate each student’s unique strengths. 

Sunny Hills Motto

I am a Sunny Hills Kid

and I have greatness inside me.

I will use my greatness

to make good choices,

To be the best I can be!

Star of the Week


 Star of the Week!

This year we have the wonderful opportunity of studying about the wants and needs we all face on a daily basis.   Each student will have a full week to be the star and share items that bring strong memories of family, fun, and significant events.  These memories identify wants and needs that may be shared or unique to each person in the class.

Star of the Week Perks

  • Gets to sit in star desk the whole week and sign their name on it.
  • On the first day, he or she will bring his or her life line items (between 4-8 items, nothing too big, leave any living thing at home).
  • Shares life line and takes 5 questions.
  • Lines up at the front of the line every day.
  • May invite a person who is significant in his or her life to be a guest in our class (email/call me to schedule a time).
  • Receives a book the following week with classmates' letters.


  • Remember No More Bus Passes


    Make after school plans accordingly.

    • 3 Jun 2015
  • Share about Reading Town


    What kind of things did you build your house out of?  What were you selling?  How much do things cost?  What is a Read Out?  These are just a few questions you can ask your child.

    • 3 Jun 2015
  • Farm Education


    My Family and I would like to extend our invitation to your family if you would like to come out to our farm for a farm education at Rainy Sunday Ranch.


    Want to learn how to hold a rabbit, milk the goats, feed baby goats, water…

    • 3 Jun 2015