Mrs. Ashley Belcher


Mrs. Susie Stookey

Third Grade

Room 202

(425) 837-7414

Important Dates:

6/12 - Field Day

6/18 - Last Day of School 8:30-11:00


Daily Schedule (M-TH)

8:25  School Begins

8:30-8:45   Morning Work

8:45-11:00  Literacy Block – Reading & Writing Workshop 

11:00-11:45 Recess/Lunch

11:45-1:20 Math Block (with break for specialist)

12:25-12:55 Specialist (Tues, Thurs, Fri)**

1:20-1:40 Social Studies/Science

1:40-2:00  Recess

2:00 Snack

2:00-2:30  Social Studies/Science

2:30-2:50  Read Aloud, Wrap up, debrief

2:55  Dismissal**

**Monday Specialist 12:55-1:25, Wednedsay Specialist 12:15-12:45

**Wednesday altered day:


Scholastic book orders:

Class activation code: HJK36

Tumblebooks login: Sunnyhills  password: books

Brainpop login: Sunnyhills   password: mustang

Culture Grams username: pugetesd   password: cgrams

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  • Please remember to sign all homework, including homework packets and nightly math homework.


Job Share FAQ

What is a job share and how does it work?

     We will be splitting the week, once Mrs. Belcher returns from maternity leave in December. That means Mrs. Belcher will teach Monday-Tuesday and Mrs. Stookey will teach Wednesday-Friday. Mrs. Stookey will be teaching full time until Mrs. Belcher returns in December.

     We have spent the last four years teaching next door to each other and on a team that works very closely together. We have teaching styles that are very similar and complement one another. We will be communicating constantly so that the transitions between teachers are seamless and fluid. Some job shares split the teaching and each teacher teaches certain subject. However, we will both be teaching all subjects and picking up where the other left off in order to provide a consistent and stable learning environment for your child.

I have a question or need to let you know something, who should I email, call or write a note to?

If you are going to send an email we ask that you CC both of us on the email, even from the first day of school. We feel this is easier than trying to remember who you should be emailing on which day. This also allows us both to be looped into all parent communication.

Email- &

If you would like to call us, please feel free to do so. We have one phone number and voice mail for our class. We will always get back to you within 48 hours.

Phone – 425-837-7417

If you need to send a note with you child for a bus pass, change in getting home after school, note about homework etc. Please send that as you normally would with your child to school. We both check for notes at the beginning of school.

 What if I need to meet with you about my child?

     If you need to set up a meeting with us the teacher who is there for that day will meet with you. If it is an issue that makes sense for both of us to be there we will happily schedule the meeting so that both teachers are able to be there.

How does the grading and report cards work?

     Once Mrs. Belcher returns from maternity leave we will work collaboratively to grade assessments and complete report cards. Mrs. Belcher will, however, be involved and kept up to date on student progress from the beginning of the year. Both teachers will be present at parent-teacher conferences. If you have any questions about grades you can email both of us or call us.

Room 202 Expectations

       1. Show respect                           2. Make good decisions

       3. Solve problems                        4. Always do your best 

Additional information about homework and behavior expectations can be found under the "miscellaneous files" tab, in the "other" gallery.


Homework Information

Every week students will bring home a homework packet. Homework packets are due the following Friday morning. Included in each packet is:

  • Nightly reading for 15 minutes, or a total of 60 minutes a week at minimum
  • Reading Response
  • Spelling - choose a different task each night from the spelling menu (sent home at the beginning of the year and available under Files in the homework section)
  • Math Fact practice
  • Reading fluency, paragraph writing or social studies extension activity

In addition to the homework packet students will receive math homework on most days. This is due the NEXT day.

Students will receive new spelling words every two weeks. Please keep these in a safe place as they will use them for two weeks and won't receive a new list each week.

Please review your child's homework and initial or sign math homework and homework packets.

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