Please bring in items for the sculpture art project next week!  Please see the attachment for more information. 

Metal Sculpture.Cress.docx


-Reading: 4 days of reading recorded on Reading Log/Calendar.  See detailed directions on the calendar. Will be checked on Friday and re-checked on Monday as needed. 

-Monday: math: about 10 min of work on M.3, L.13/14 (the lessons were combined; the front of the hw is from L.13 and the back is from L.14)

-Tuesday: math: about 10 min of work on M.3, L. 15

-Wednesday: math: about 10 min of work on M.3, L.16

-Thursday: math: about 10 min of work on M.3, L.17

-Friday: complete any missing homework as needed over the weekend.  

Learning update:

-Writing: Students are working on doing revisions on their rough draft for their "All About ____" informational book. 

-Math: We are in  the midst of module 3.  This module focuses on learning and working with the multiplication facts for x6, x7, x8, and x9.  Practicing facts at home with flash cards, games, etc. is beneficial for students.  Students are learning how to break apart larger multiplication facts into smaller ones that are then added together.  Students will be solving story problems and determining whether they need to add, subtract, multiply, or divide to solve.  We are working with 1-step and 2-step problems. 

-Reading: Connected with our writing unit, we are working with non-fiction texts in our reading lessons.  We are practicing "reading to learn" (different from reading for pleasure) and working with information from a text in different ways, such as thinking about cause and effect or comparing and contrasting information. 

-Social Studies: Our first unit of social studies is about the geography of the North America continent.  We have been studying maps and students had a chance to try drawing a map of a place they know well. Soon students will be picking one of the regions of North America to learn about in a small group.