The learning plan for the week is attached!  This week I wanted to have a 10-ish-minutes reading lesson video each day, so I broke apart the 40 minutes of Lexia into 10-15 min. chunks over 4 days, rather than two of the days being just Lexia.  You are welcome to have your child complete the 40 minutes in a different way if you want to, though.


As noted in the announcements email I sent on Friday, there are Zoom times each day this week!  Tuesday is the normal 30 minute “gathering.”  The other days, I’ll give a few minutes for people to get logged on, the students can have a quick chat time, and we’ll take the spirit day photo.  Your child is welcome to log on and join even if he/she isn’t dressed up for the Spirit Day!  Those Zoom calls will be just about 5 minutes.

-Monday 1:00pm  (Spirit Day photo- Sports clothes)

-Tuesday 1:00-1:30pm (games/activities and Spirit Day photo- Stuffed animal day – pick a stuffed animal and dress to match it)

-Wednesday 3:30pm (Spirit Day photo- Wacky/mismatched clothes)

-Thursday 1:00pm  (Spirit Day photo- Beachy/Hats & Shades day)

-Friday 10:30am (Spirit Day photo- Sunset gear)


We are in the home stretch of distance learning!  FYI: the “learning plan” for the two days next week - June 22 and 23 - will be very light.   I hope to send it by Thursday this week.

June 15-19 Cress class learning plan.pdfJune 15-19 Cress class learning plan.docx