-Multiplication (or division) challenge on Tuesday. 

-Math module 7 test on Wednesday 6/19

-Field Day on Thursday 6/20, 2:25-3:15pm for 3rd/4th/5th grade. (1:30-2:20 for K/1st/2nd grade) 


-4 days of reading this week- you choose the days- for at least 20 minutes each day.  Checked on Fridays and rechecked on Mondays if incomplete. 

-Monday: math: about 10 min on L28

-Tuesday: math: about 10 min on L29

-Wednesday: no math

-Thursday: no math.  

Learning Update:

-Math: Module 7: various types of problems involving shapes, area, and perimeter.  Applying 3rd grade math skills to different activities. 

-Writing: Creating a fairy tale adaptation or writing an original fantasy story; sharing writing with our 1st grade buddies. 

-Reading and Social Studies: Learning about notable Americans and reading biographies about them.