Wow, there sure is a lot going on in our world these days.  I want you all to know that I am in complete agreement with the statements against racism and injustice that were recently made by the Issaquah School District leadership.  I have not brought up the recent news/events with the class in my lessons in the past week because I want to be sensitive to the fact that you (parents/caregivers) are probably telling your children different amounts of information. There was a Sunset eNews Special sent out on Thursday, June 4th, that has many resources that you can use at home, and a sample of how you could talk the basic facts of recent events with your children.  I encourage you to look at and utilize those resources.

I strive to use diverse literature in my lessons with students, and will continue to do so.  In that vein, the reading lesson for Monday, June 8th is a non-fiction text about a scientist who was black and born in 1883 in America.  It briefly addresses the inequities of schooling opportunities for black and white children and that there were prejudices that prevented him from getting jobs.  I will not be bringing up the news events from last week, but want you to know that your children will be hearing a reading lesson about a black man and that may bring up questions for them, especially if they have heard any of the recent news.

On a completely different note, information is attached (as a PDF and as a Word Document) about picking up your child’s classroom supplies/belongings the week of June 15th.  If you have books from my classroom library, please label them clearly with my name and “3rd grade” and bring them when you come to pick up your child’s supplies.

FYI, I will be working in my classroom on Monday, June 8th, to pack up student belongings and do other work there, and will be away from my computer most of the day.  If you email me or your child posts on Seesaw on Monday, it is likely I will not respond until Tuesday.  My office hours for this week are Tuesday, June 9th, from 9:30-10:30am.

Our Tuesday optional class Zoom gatherings will be back at 1:00pm on June 9th and June 16th.  While the morning time was slightly more preferred based on last week’s “vote,” I learned about two time conflicts that are causing me to move it back to 1:00.  It’s hard to find a time that works great for everyone; I am sorry if 1:00 is not your preferred time.  There will possibly be one more Zoom gathering besides June 9th and June 16th; I will let you know if/when there is.  

And of course, the learning plan for next week is attached (as a PDF and as a Word Document).

Student belongings pickup information.docx

Student belongings pickup information.pdf

June 8-12 Cress class learning plan.docx

June 8-12 Cress class learning plan.pdf