Contact Information

Best form of contact [:D]: Mrs. Marshall;

If you contact Mrs. Marshall via telephone, she is available from 8:30-9:15 AM and 3:45-4:15 PM. The direct line is (425) 837-5658. If there is a transportation change, contact the office directly and someone will relay the message to the teacher faster than calling the classroom directly.

Teaching Philosophy

This is a learning community where we welcome mistakes as a learning experience“I will try everything and do my best in all that I do, and go above and beyond to provide myself with more challenge.”

The management foundation comes from “Love and Logic” by Jim Fay and his son Dr. Charles Fay. Students have choices in how they conduct their behavior. Students choices have consequences; welcomed or unwelcomed. The choices not only impact the individual, but also the learning community as a whole. Students will be held accountable for their choices. This can be expected of every community member of the D29 Learning Community.

 We are a community that learns both within the classroom and outside of the classroom.

Governing Expectations

1. Be Respectful   

2. Be Responsible

3. Be Safe

4. Be Caring  

Together we will learn and succeed!