Early Childhood Education Sites


If you reside within the Issaquah School District boundaries, your address determines which of the following three ECE sites will work with you in determining appropriate programs and placements for your child.  Each ECE center provides Evaluation, Program Development, Special Education Services, and a Community-Peer Tuition Program.  Our teams at each site include Early Childhood Special Education Teachers, Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, School Psychologists. and Paraprofessional Educators.  Each site provides half-day preschool programs (2.5 hrs, 4-days per week) along with therapy services as determined for specific children based on their individual education plans.

Discovery Elementary

Briarwood Elementary

Sunset Elementary

Jennifer Wiechert

Early Childhood Education School Psychologist, M.Ed., NCSP

wiechertj@issaquah.wednet.edu  *  Office Phone 425-837-5679 

Please visit Jennifer M.Wiechert's Website for updated information.

 Early Childhood Education (ECE) is an exciting time for parents, children, and educators, and an important milestone in introducing families to the public education system.  My role is to facilitate the evaluation and program planning for children within the Issaquah School District between the ages of 3 and 5.

Childfind Ages 3-5

The Issaquah School District's Childfind Program is designed to locate and offer assistance to infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school-age children, between the ages of birth and 21, who may have developmental delays or learning problems. Early identification of problems can make a big difference in a child's future school success.

Identification for 3-5 year olds  Free Childfind screenings are provided for children between the ages of three and five to identify preschoolers with possible delays in speech and language, fine and gross motor skills, cognitive/concept development, adaptive skills, and behavior.  These screenings are offered 8 times per school year and are located at various sites. An appointment is required in order to attend the screening, and must be scheduled at least 3 days prior to the screening date. 

If you have questions or concerns about your preschooler's development and to schedule a screening appointment please call the ISD Childfind Intake Line at 425-837-7197 or email childfind@issaquah.wednet.edu .

If your child qualifies for special education services, Issaquah School District offers high quality early childhood special education programs and therapy services based upon each child's needs.

Identification for Infants and Toddlers  For infants and toddlers, birth to age three, the Issaquah School District has contracts with local agencies to determine if your child is following a typical pattern of development. If your child demonstrates developmental delays, he/she can receive intervention services through these agencies. For more information, contact ECE Transition Specialist Barbara Toledano at 425-837-5639 or email toledanob@issaquah.wednet.edu.

Identification for students grades K-12  Contact your building principal, school psychologist or the school counselor if you have concerns with your school age child's school performance. The building Guidance Team is the group working together to problem-solve issues related to a student's school performance. Areas of concern may be academic, behavioral, social-emotional, physical, or communication.

Private School Students  If you are parents of private school or home-schooled students residing in Issaquah you may contact the school psychologist for your neighborhood school to request an evaluation for special education services for your student. If you are unsure which school is your neighborhood school you may contact the Special Services Department.